Our Company

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We use tuna by-products from the canning industry to innovate, creating nutritional solutions for humans, animals and plants.


Creation of Marine Protein

Our first FPI production

We signed contract with Link Asia Partners

Environmental license approval.

We initiated exports to Asia

We increased our production volume

We obtained our export license to China

First Export to China

First FPI SD Production

Expansion of our plant

There is a high quality of concentrated fatty acids and amino acids available in tuna heads, which can be used in the pharmaceutical and nutritional market within the industry of products for human consumption.

Emulating the same process used in the meat industry, where porcine and bovine blood is processed to create digestible proteins with a high nutritional value, we aim to create new products using tuna blood. Given the short distance between butchering and protein production, we are able to shorten both blood coagulation and protein denaturing, maximizing high quality yields to make unique flavors for the pet food industry.

Tuna skin contains a high percentage of collagen that can be hydrolyzed and concentrated for both human and animal consumption. Using our filtration technology, we are able to separate low molecular size peptides with in the collagen profile, making direct assimilation more efficient in skin treatment.

Red meat is a nutritional component high in iron, with intense colors and flavors. We plan to use these qualities in the shrimp and salmon market, where the color of the product is very important for nutritionists. Likewise, due to its aroma and nutritional benefit, red meat is an important ingredient in the formulation of pet food.

Nowadays, tuna bones are used to manufacture fish meal. They are rich in minerals and proteins, with a high nutritional value potential for human consumption. Through a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis process, the bone is separated from the meat for it to be filtered and gradually dried to concentrate and grind calcium. The assimilated proteins are also used in our products manufacturing.

Using an immediate heating process without oxidation, we use a Tricanter to extract crude tuna oil in its most primary form and with the best quality possible. We have the SANCO Certification for Crude Oil for Human Consumption. This represents an added value as a potential ingredient in baby and elderly nutritional formulas. A high concentration of EPA and DHA is well known for its benefits in human health.

Our Approach


We use cutting edge technology and specially qualified personnel to transform tuna by-product into high quality nutritional ingredients for humans, animals and plants


We are committed with economic, social and environmental development; we promote a social responsibility policy, based on food industry ingredients and quality control standards


To become Ecuador’s leading company in the creation and manufacturing of nutrition products for humans, animals and plants, based on food industry ingredients.