Nutritional contribution for balanced diets

PerfectDigest™ FPI in weaner diets provides a complete range of all 22 amino acids in highly bio-available peptide form that is FREE of salmonella, BSE and pathogens (including viruses). High levels of specific UMAMI taste amino acids stimulate feed intake in creep and weaning diets. Trial results of using PerfectDigest™ FPI SD at up to 3% of the diet can be found in Table 1.

  • Table 1:
  • Weaner pig trial (weaning at 23 days)
  • Location: Australia
  • Trial period: 0-14 days post weaning


  • 1. PerfectDigest™ significantly (P < 0.05) improved the feed intake of piglets in the first week post-weaning over both the control and the plasma treatments.
  • 2. Both the plasma treatment and the PerfectDigest™ treatment had growth performance superior to the control in the first week post-weaning (P < 0.05).
  • 3. Deaths and removals were numerically less in the plasma and PerfectDigest™ treatments.

Improving weight gain in the post weaning period has a marked impact on piglet health and final performance. A trial conducted in Thailand (Table 2) shows the benefit of feeding PerfectDigest™ FPI SD at only 2% of the diet. ADG increased over 12% and higher feed intakes demonstrate the taste enhancement benefits of PerfectDigest™.

  • Table 2:
  • Weaner pig trial
  • Location: Thailand
  • Trial Period: 0-14 days post weaning