Technological process


To activate the nutritional bio availability of our products, it is essential that the previously hydrolyzed solution, which has also been filtered from solids and oil, undergoes a mechanical separation segregating high molecular size peptides and protein including fat in one side and low molecular size peptides excluding fat in the other side. Thus, we obtain our FPC (Fish Peptide Concentrate) which contains fat and protein chains with a high molecular weight, and our FPI (Fish Peptide Isolate) that has a peptide concentration of up to 45% under 150 Dalton and 0% fat.

Additional to the separation of the protein, amino acids and peptides, our filtration process excludes microorganisms and viruses that can be harmful for animals and humans.

Molecular weight profile


Our vacuum evaporation process is done between 140º F and 158º F, using 100%, 316 stainless human grade evaporators and vacuum pumps, which can concentrate up until 25 units of manometric pressure.


Given that our protein products are 100% water-soluble, it is important for the dehydration process to be made through spray dryers, where the liquid drops are exposed to temperatures above 392º F for less than two seconds, without affecting its molecular nucleus.